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Snooze in Style: Top tips to transform your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary this winter

“It doesn’t take much to transform your bedroom into a peaceful and comforting interior space, perfect for when temperatures drop and nights draw in. Here’s where to start…

Even the smallest changes can transform a bedroom, taking it from a functional space to the perfect sanctuary in which to unwind after a busy day.”

Here are Interiors Expert Emma Hooton’s five top tips for bedrooms

1 – Consider your mattress, as a rule of thumb the lighter you are the softer your mattress needs to be

2 – Duvets need to be the perfect combination of comfortable warmth and weighty cosiness, a 10.5 tog rating works perfectly with the recommended average room temperature in the UK

3 –  Don’t get hung up on threadcount, a great quality 300 threadcount will feel as luxurious as a higher one

4 – Lighting levels throughout your bath and bedtime ritual need to be soft

5 – Put technology in another room to remove temptation and keep lights dimmed with gentle candlelight for  a soothing start to a good night’s sleep.


Tielle Love Luxury’s interior designer Emma Hooton was delighted to share her top five tips for transforming your bedroom. You can shop our linen and duvets here