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Simple Life Hacks

Five Day Sleep Challenge ~ Day Two


External factors can play a big role in the quantity and quality of our sleep. Light peeping through the curtains, fidgety partners, even a too-soft mattress can leave us feeling sleepier than a new mum. Here’s how to make your bedroom the perfect sleep zone, and wake up raring the go.

Step 1: Kit it out

Add blackout blinds or thick, dark curtains to keep light out

Use plush rugs and cushions to muffle neighbour noise

Add plants to emit oxygen and help lower cortisol and blood pressure

Eliminate dust-gathering clutter by investing in storage

Replace the TV (see lighting) with something beautiful

Get a bed with wriggle room if your partner’s a space hog

Step 2: Dim the lights

Lighting is often overlooked when designing a bedroom scheme, but the wrong lighting can confuse the body’s circadian clock. Warm hued rays signal it’s time to sleep, while blue daylight releases hormones that keep us awake. Mirroring nature’s light spectrum helps our body know when to rise, eat and sleep.


Avoid blue-light emitting devices at least one hour before bed

Reduce light exposure 3 hours before bed

Switch to lights with a warm colour spectrum

Graham and Green Webster Table Lamp

Step 3: Think colour

Room colour can affect how much sleep we get. While intense colours such as orange might pump the adrenaline, they can be too mentally stimulating to relax the mind. Before you rush out and buy a tin of racy red or mellow yellow, ask yourself, what ‘magic colours’ will help me create a truly relaxing space?

Cool colours and muted shades

e.g Blue, Green, Grey

  • Slow down your heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce anxiety

These promote better sleep

Warm colours

e.g Reds, Yellows, Oranges

  • Increase the pulse rate
  • Raise blood pressure

These can discourage relaxation

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