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Buyers Guide


Simple Life Hacks

Five Day Sleep Challenge ~ Day One

The Bed

Step 1: Invest in sleep

We spend a third of our life sleeping so invest in the best bed you can. A big bed can reduce sleep disturbance, especially if your partner likes to hog the space. It can also create a more sleep-inviting zone. Try different combinations of spring tensions and fillings before you buy to find your ideal level of support.

How to test beds:

  • Take your partner if you bed share
  • Lie on the bed for 10 minutes
  • Rest in the position you sleep in
  • Toss and turn a few times

“We wriggle and turn 60 to 70 times a night”

Step 2: Swap the duvet

Just as you wouldn’t wrap up in a winter coat in summer, you’ll struggle to sleep under a toasty duvet on milder days. Most luxury hotels use a natural filled 10.5 tog duvet to create the ultimate sleep experience. For hot summer nights, a good quality 4.5 tog down or luxury microfibre duvet is ideal.

“Keep your bedroom a sleep-inducing 18°C”

Step 3: Love your linen

Heat trapping polyester or ill-fitting sheets that ping off the mattress never aid a good night’s sleep. For the best sleep experience, go for 300tc or 400tc pure white cotton bed linen made from a high quality long staple cotton. Regularly washing your linen at 60°C will also help prevent dust mite allergies keeping you awake at night.

“Spritz your pillow with soothing lavender for sweeter slumbers”