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Simple Life Hacks

Five Day Sleep Challenge ~ Day Five

Yippee! You’ve made it to Day 5 of the sleep challenge.

Struggling to make changes? 

Itching to go back to your old ways? Research shows it takes 28 days to break bad habits, so keep going with your new and improved sleep routine.

Can’t be bothered to change?

Not willing to put in the legwork? Here are a few stats to help motivate and encourage you to give the sleep challenge another go.

55% of people feel ready to face the day after a good night’s sleep

Factors affected by lack of sleep

  • 53% energy levels
  • 52% mood
  • 36% health
  • 23% work performance
  • 21% personal relationships

The 2017 Sleep Council Great British Bedtime Report conducted by Atomik Research questioned  sample of 5,002 people via an online survey.

Seen improvements in your sleep?

Whoopee! Head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages and tell us what worked for you using the hashtag #TLLpowerofsleep.